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Patterns. Each pattern is a 3 part rule. Context+Problem+Solution. Leads to proscription.

- Design for participation. Allow what you're doing to be extended by others.
- User-Centred development. Release early, release often. Involve your users in the development process. Open, CVS, Patch acceptance.
- Glue small pieces to build your app but don't stop the next people from gluing your service with others.
- The Perpetual Beta. Fold in new features as they're ready. Or even if they're not ready. Some systems like don't say "beta" but they are.
- Users add value to shared data. Get lock in from secondary systems using your APIs not from hiding data. (LinkedIn pay attention!). See Amazon vs Barnes and Noble. Amazon putting distance from the competition because they open up. Flickr getting added value from customer work.
- Networks effects by default. Only a small number of people will add value deliberately. So architect to make participation the default. See Flickr and Napster/Kazaa. Default to sharing not privacy.
- The Long Tail. JB: Note that nobody's doing any work AFAIK to analyse the laws controlling the long tail beyond looking at the top 10% and Pareto. How does the data spread along the other 90%
- Target software beyond the single device. It's not *just* the browser on a PC any more.
- Social networking. This area sucks! Social networks should be a by-product of social applications not explicit. See Aggregated Social activity around the conference.
- Data is the next "Intel Inside".
- Packets and shipping containers. The death of enteprise software as we know it. Why does ES have to be re-invented every 5 years when TCP/IP is 30 years old. Understand the optimum packet size for application modules.
- Make money from the smallest atomic unit. Music Biz.
- AJAX. combining javascript with just in time data delivery. See Google Suggest.

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