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This set consists of three items
- taxonomy.module.patch
A patch to taxonomy to stop it generating form elements for vocabularies that are from modules taxonomy or forum.

- folksonomy.module
A module to provide folksonomy support to contrib modules. Requires taxonomy

- folkterms.module
A module that demonstrates adding folksonomies to nodes using folksonomy.module.

- Unzip this into the modules directory
- Enable folksonomy and folkterms
- In admin go to folksonomy and create a vocabulary
- Go to a node and start adding terms

- Uses taxonomy vocabulary and term tables to store all data.
- Creates term entries on the fly

- taxonomy wants to create form entries for all vocabularies but we want to do this ourselves. Hence the patch.

- Taxonomy deletes all term_node entries for a node when doing node update. So even if we create them, taxonomy will then delete them again. There's a nasty hack in the code to merge in the term tids into node->taxonomy before taxonomy does it's save and it then saves them for us. this relies on folksonomy beginning with F which becomes before T so that during hook_nodeapi, we'll always get called first.

- The's another nasty hack that I don't fully understand to get preview to show the terms in our folksonomy edit as well as those in the taxonomy edits.

- The term display on nodes uses term IDs for the URL eg ./taxonomy/term/12 But I'd rather use something like ./folksonomy/tags/p2p where tags is the name of the vocab and p2p is the name of the term.

- There's no easy way to get into the taxonomy pager display to add the sort of right hand margin that uses to show related and my terms. The only way I can think at the moment is to use a block that watches for the URLs we want to enhance. The other option is to create a taxonomy hook 'pre pager' that's just before taxonomy_render_nodes.

- The node display of taxo terms jumbles all the terms for all vocabs together with no indication of which vocab they came from. I'd like to see something like
forum:support category:documentation tags:module development hook

- If we want to cache count and related for each term, then we'll probably need additional tables.

Game Plan
I think this is the right long term approach. So the sequence is
1) Build proof of concept folksonomy.modules
2) Hack patches into taxonomy as we need them
3) Merge the finished folksonomy.module back into taxonomy

With the long term goal being that taxonomy supports vocabs with an alternative folksonomy style data entry UI

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