I'm Backing Blair because there's

So the government and Blair have managed to force through their terror bill. They pulled out all the stops but in the end they simply out manouvered the spineless opposition. Bear in mind here that there were moments when there were enough Labour MPs going against their party line that one of the votes was carried with a majority of just 14. But sadly Charles Kennedy didn't even bother to turn up that day along with 11 other Lib-Dem MPs.

I'm also Backing Blair because

Now we hear that pressure was applied by Downing St on Railtrack to remove speed restrictions and accept a higher degree of risk after the Hatfield disaster. Well that's certainly one way of trying to get the trains to run on time.

So make no mistake about it. This is the cult of Blair we're talking about here. Vote him out even if it means the Labour party goes too. Because this country is not well served by someone who's tough on blame and tough on the causes of blame.

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