It's 2005 and web fonts still don't work.

I happen to like reading 10pt Arial (sorry if you don't). But people tell me I should be using em sizes and % rather than absolute pts for "Accessibility", whatever that is. So what em size should I use so that the text appears as 10pt in most browsers using the default font sizes? As far as I can see it's 0.8em in IE6 and 1.0em in Firefox. If I use 1.0em in IE6 it looks horribly large (about 12pt) in text size medium and 10pt in Text size small.

So to hell with accessibility. I'm using absolute font sizes that look the same in IE6 and Firefox and if you can't read it then use Firefox and bump up the text size. These days "accessibility" does not mean "must code for IE6 functionality" since there is an alternative.

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