Well I've got enough sponsorship and some funding from Ecademy and I'm going to ETCon. Hooray!

Of course, more money is always welcome!

Booking everything was the usual nightmare. Took ages trying to find reasonably priced flights and a hotel with Wifi, not too far from the hotel at reasonable price. I'm flying on Mon 14th Mar and returning on Sat 19th Mar This gives me a day hanging out in San Diego at the end. The flights doubled in price if I left on the Friday. I'm staying at the La Quinta Inn in Downtown San Diego which claims to have complimentary high speed internet access via wifi in all rooms.

I'll be blogging here and on Ecademy about what I find.

Gosh. Almost excited about all this. In 2001 I was unemployed and almost worked out how to go to ETCon for nothing. I had a flight on air miles, free pass and found a dirt cheap hostel. Then 9/11 happened about 2 weeks before the conference, there was an alleged anthrax scare and I bottled out. Last time I was in San Diego was for a Borland Developers conference followed by a driving trip up the left coast. That must have been '96 or '97.

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