Some thoughts:-
- What's the difference between a Technorati keyword search and a tag:search. And would it be helpful to have the keyword search on the tag display?
- I'm really close to having Ecademy profiles "50 words" displayed with a Flickr style tag UI. So how can I get Ecademy profiles into their corresponding Technorati tags. And would it make any sense? This is relatively static data, where Technorati is all about dynamic changes.
- I've had tags on blog entries here for a while now. I've got Technorati links on each page and in the RSS. I'm successfully pinging Technorati on new posts. But the results never seem to turn up in Technorati. I wonder why?
- The Technorati developers forum has a sign up form. Just one catch, first name, last name and email address are required fields but have no input elements. Is this a challenge?

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