p2pnet.net - the original daily p2p and digital media news site : Consumers, "find a charge of around NT$8.5 (about 27 cents) per download to be acceptable, while the current market price is around NT$30 (slightly less than 99 cents) or more".

Interesting that price comes up as an issue again. And that there's a wide disparity between what consumers think they should pay and what they are charged.

I'm still convinced that there's a price point where it becomes easier to buy music for download than to get it from friends or from file sharing systems. The problem for the industry is that the price point is probably around 10c to 25c per track.

Let's just imagine for a moment that iTunes sold tracks with no DRM for 5c each. Does anyone think they wouldn't sell like crazy? So what's the price point where that would drop off?

Interestingly, my favourite AllOfMp3.com put their prices up this year from 1c per MB to 2c per MB. A typical track encoded with LAME 192K VBR is now about 10c. After spending $75 with them, this is making me begin to slow down.

Just Say No To DRM

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