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For a long time now, has had a field on user records that we call "50 words". This is exactly personal tagging. And we export this in our FOAF. Given the sudden explosion of tagging in the blog world, I've been trying to grok how to make this more explicit and get those tags out of Ecademy and into the outside world to places like Technorati. But here we're talking about relatively static data about users rather than the dynamic data of blog entries and the various blog aggregators and search engines aren't very interested.

Something that would kick this up a gear would be MT, Blogger, Wordpress plugins that made it easy to build an "About Me" page. Over time this could morph into a personal identity server a la LID. It should provide lots of API hooks (like FOAF) in the same way that Blog entries provide RSS/Atom. If this happened, then a "50 words" tag field in the plug in would make good sense.

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