I've been thinking about what a PDA might look like. The inspiration came from Google. If you are signed up to AdSense then you can get the AdSense Preview tool. This adds a right click option to the IE popup menu. When you choose this you get popup with the top 10 Ads for that page and from there you can get a list of the URLs that you would get if you clicked in the Ads. It would be comparatively trivial to put a few buttons against each one that said "Show this", "Like this", "Ban this" in order to adjust the Ads which appear on your own site. If you saw an Ad on someone else's site that you wanted on yours, it would only be three clicks to tell the Ad Agency to do this.

As an aside there really should be a version of this for Firefox. If Google won't do it, since it's all http driven, I bet some third party could build a Firefox extension that copied it.

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