At this time, we are unable to control how often our crawlers index the content on
your site. Crawling is done automatically by our bots. When the AdSense ad code is
first run on a page not previously indexed by our crawlers, our crawlers will
usually get to it within 30 minutes. At times it may take 48 hours or longer. If
you make changes to a page, however, it may take up to 1 week before the changes
are reflected in our index. Until we are able to index your web pages, you may
notice ads that may not be as relevant as that could be. We appreciate your
patience and understanding.

Interesting. I wondered if they indexed pages in response to displays of their AdSense code. So that tends to suggest that I can get Google to index my new blog entry by making sure that the next page I see after posting a new entry is the new blog on it's permalink page.

However, my actual question was this.
Why do I get so many Ads for Blogging systems on my blog? Just because it's a blog
doesn't mean the readers want to set up their own.

It seems I am not alone in this. It's as though AdSense has said "Ah, it's a
blog, if I haven't indexed the page yet show blog ads"

And I don't feel they've really answered that.

At the moment, I think the problem is that despite Google's success with AdSense they still don't have enough Ads with enough granularity to be able to put something contextually close on every blog entry.

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