Tesco have launched a music download service. but like all such services, it's wonderfully illogical. Let's take a sample from the current album charts, Scissor Sisters.

- Buy the CD for £8.99
- Buy the download for £7.99
- Look at the usage rights and details.
- WMA (no ipod),
- 192Kb (good),
- DRM, Only allowed to transfer to devices that support SDMI DRM (ie not many)
- 3 backups. which is better than none.

So for £1.00 over buying the CD and ripping it yourself, you get a lower quality file, WMA only and no transfer to an iPod or most other portable music players.

Or you could go to Allofmp3.com and buy the download in MP3, no DRM, 192K VBR for $0.60 or in lossless FLAC format (identical to the CD) for $5.66

So why would you buy the Tesco Download?
[from: JB Ecademy]

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