NTL supercharges broadband | The Register : NTL looks set to take a big lead in the UK's broadband sector by ramping up speeds next year for residential broadband customers while freezing prices. The move will leave a yawning gap between NTL's offering and BT-based ADSL services.

NTL's entry level 300k service will be supercharged to 1Mb while still costing £17.99 a month. Its new 2Mb service will cost £24.99 while 3Mb will cost £37.99.

The speed increases will be rolled out to new customers during the first three months of next year, although existing customers must cough up a £25 "administration fee" to make the switch.

Which is nice. But then my automatic upgrade from 600Kbps to 750Kbps didn't happen in late summer or September and is now scheduled for November, so I'm not holding my breath. Note also that there's no word on upstream speeds. [from: JB Ecademy]

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