Wi-Fi Coverage To Get Boost | NetStumbler.com : In a move designed in part to combat its low-cost, consumer-focused image, the Deutsche Telekom arm said on Thursday it had tied up with BT Openzone to give customers access to 1,900 Wi-Fi local wireless network access points, known as hotspots.

Those numbers don't make sense given The Cloud's coverage and I think they should be much bigger. But if OpenZone customers can use T-Mobile hotspots and vice versa, that has to be a good thing for both parties. And at least in the UK it begins to make more sense to pay a a subscription rather than pay as you go.

But it's all still too expensive so I will route round it as usual. Like at the Ecademy event in the Marriott Marble Arch where I avoided STSC's extortionate rates by pointing a small antenna out the window and leaching off somebody's free AP. [from: JB Ecademy]

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