If the proposal for remote authentication for FOAF collection works then we could add some auto-discovery to it.

How about this in the home page html:-
<link rel="meta" type="text/html" title="FOAFnet" href="url_for_foafnet_api" />
Then the user on target.com just needs to say "You can get my FOAF from source.com". The application would retrieve the source.com home page, get the url_for_foafnet_api, construct a url like
url_for_foafnet_api?return=my_url and redirect the user to it.

DanBri has also suggested we look at creating some foaf tags for this so that aggregators could collect together lists of participating sites. I don't think this would be used on the fly to discover the API URL but I can see benefit in publishing the locations in machine readable form.

This would mean inserting some triples in people's FOAF that said "This is some cut down FOAF. Full FOAF can be obtained with my permission by using the FOAFnet API that is located here."

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[ 31-Jul-04 9:19am ]