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How do I find RSS feeds?
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See also Distributing lists of feeds and Slash Style Sites.

Lists of RSS sources
  • NewsIsFree A large site that collects RSS and publishes feeds it finds.
  • My.UserLand New Channels
  • My.UserLand Channels that have been updated in the last 7 days
  • Newsfeeds A blog that specializes in promoting new feeds. Linked to the "Headline Viewer" RSS Reader.
  • Meerkat An aggregator. Browse around 'til you find what you like, and add &_fl=rss&t=ALL to the URL. Instructions here.
  • Moreover A typical moreover feed looks like this.
  • The Amphetadesk list of known sources in XML format.
  • XMltree. A directory of XML sources (not just RSS)
  • The Headline Viewer core list
  • 10.am. Similar to Moreover.
  • Network 54 Browse to a page on the site and add ;xml=rss to the end.
  • Syndic8 An RSS evangelism project with lots of feeds.

    Most popular channels
  • Our Favorite Songs This page lists the most recently changed RSS files managed by the cloud that connects all Radio users together.

    Search Engines
  • Google search for PHP-Nuke style Portals
  • Another Google search for PHP-Nuke style Portals

    Unusual Sources and queries
  • Any Yahoogroups mailing list. Create a URL like http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_group/messages?rss=1 where "the_group" is the name of the mailing list.
  • Moreover Query. Create a URL like http://p.moreover.com/cgi-local/page?o=rss&query=p2p where the query parameter is a properly escaped search string.

    Major RSS Generators
    Here's the likely location of the RSS file. Add it onto the main URL and see if it works.
  • Manila based blogs - /rss/rss.xml
  • Slashcode based sites - /articles.rdf
  • Scoop based sites - /backend.rdf
  • php-nuke based sites - /backend.php

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