According to The Register, the RIAA in the US is preparing for mass law suits against people who run file sharing programs such as Kazaa and are sharing large numbers of music files. Right now, they've essentially failed to take down the networks by going after the software providers. And they've won a ruling to get users names and addresses from ISPs.

This is going to get interesting. It's also going to be hell for a large number of private individuals. Will we see everyone hit the checkbox that says "don't share my files" resulting in the collapse of the networks? Or will we see the US courts stop the RIAA in it's tracks? And will the litigation spread outwards from the USA to the rest of the world?

And as an aside, will we see the RIAA attaempt to do more to reduce the 30% of all physical CDs sold worldwide that are counterfeit? [from: JB Ecademy]

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[ 26-Jun-03 11:40am ]