Too many words (images, thoughts) , not enough time. Have you got half an hour?

Kevin Werbach is on a roll. In a day's blogging we've got;  Advertizing driven TV has 5 years to live; We need a third way in politics because technology changes exist outside the traditional left-right euclidean way; A link to Tools for the mob, following up on an essay on Mobile blogging. The End of Free about AOL Time Warner ending free access on the net to their printed copy; And the resurgence of Video On Demand.

Do you like cartoons? Check out e-Sheep, especially Spiders and Delta. Then move on to MegaTokyo and then go to Get Your War On.

Need to know when the the cluetrain pulls in? Try Britt Blaser and Doc Searls on the Creative commons and the difference between Customers and Consumers. Then compare a deconstruction of Fox CEO Peter Chernin's keynote at Comdex, with Lawrence Lessig's challenge to spend equal amounts on content and people trying to keep content free.

For laughs there's always the image of what happened when Bush asked "How do you want to govern your country today?"

After all that you'll need a WTF? T shirt or hoodie from Thinkgeek. Though perhaps a miniature tracked remote control webcam is more to your liking? [from: JB Ecademy]

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[ 25-Nov-02 9:26pm ]