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Why it's Okay to have 1.2 Million Followers and an Engagement Rate of 0.014%
Field of Dreams.
new youtube
new youtube
David Beckham Rides Custom Triumph Bonneville into Amazon Rainforest » News
The Scorpion Cargo Bike - Titchmarsh Cycles
xkcd: Third Way
“Save the World” Reading List: 2013 Update « how to save the world
2013 Silverstone MotoGP Saturday Round Up: History Is Made, And A Big Crash | | Kropotkin Thinks
xkcd: Sphere
The Ecuadorian Library
feral trade courier
Is Humanity Doomed? - Decline of the Empire
Adactio: Journal—Battle for the planet of the APIs
GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits
Twitter retires API v1, finally killing off TweetDeck for iOS, Android, AIR and other apps
Voltz Bikes - eTrail
This Is Your Brain on Coffee
Shock UK Ministry of Defence report warns of energy, environmental crises to destabilise UK: "imminent peak oil", food, water shortages, and "sustained recession" through to 2040 will create "internal...
Hot new battery technologies need a cooling off period • The Register
IRL: iPod Classic and the WhoSounds TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker
"who are you, 2013?"
Rave and Hardcore YouTube Comments Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity | VICE United Kingdom
Chinese Demand, Peak Oil And Realism - Decline of the Empire
BT MotoGP deal to be announced on Thursday? | MotoGP News | May 2013 | Crash.Net
Thread: What about Feedburner?
Masters thesis on (post)cyberpunk
Voidstar - I don't normally do this, but I'm going to call it. Marquez for the win. · 2012 Yamaha colours uncovered at Jerez
Google Developers
10 Science Fiction Novels You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Actually Read Them)
Meet the hexaflexagon. It's about to blow your mind.
“In 2010, economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth...
The Stool Pigeon Guide to Music Journalist Bullshit | The Stool Pigeon
Text of SXSW2013 closing remarks by Bruce Sterling | Beyond The Beyond |
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Margaret Thatcher: Still More Alive Than She Herself Dared To Dream
Austrian Economics Made Easy
James Blake: 'I thrive on not knowing what's coming next'
Too long? Read anyway.
Save Britain's friends!
An Interview with R.U. Sirius - Counterculture Icon -
Balancing Acts in Science : Greg Laden's Blog
The Guardian on Facebook | Facebook
Lucid *Easter Special* with Kahn, Djrum, Luke Envoy & Metrist at Rhythm Factory
Take a tour of London’s Digital Peninsula
Bellywedge EP
As Google Reader is killed off, Flipboard, Feedly and others step up with RSS alternatives
Electronic Explorations
Social Graph API - Google Code
Four Futures
Emptyage — Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It
What about Feedburner? (Scripting News)
The Evolution Of Google Reader Started With A Crash | TechCrunch
» Electric Bicycles Pike Research
» The Electric Bicycle Market in the United States Will More than Triple by 2018, Forecasts Pike Research Pike Research
The Quietus | Features | Tome On The Range | Deviated Spectrum: Mick Farren Interviewed
Google Reader debacle could help cement Facebook over Google+ -
Google Keep’s Already Shaky Ground | TechCrunch
Google Reader Being Retired - Slashdot
Good Riddance, Google Reader | TechCrunch
Google Reader - A Product vs. A Symbol
God Damn It, Google | TechCrunch
USC starts a web hub for DIY, open source virtual reality projects
New Twitter Follow Button launched today! - Ecademy
Penny Power "Ecademy Founder - follow me here or on Twitter @pennypower and follow the conversation about my Manifesto #DBBM" - Business Networking on Ecademy
East London's 20 hottest tech startups
: Why I love RSS and You Do Too
Google's Lost Social Network
cortesi - Google, destroyer of ecosystems
How I feel this morning - Charlie's Diary
Google Reader’s Death Is Proof That RSS Always Suffered From Lack Of Consumer Appeal | TechCrunch
The Google Reader Shutdown Is Yet Another Nail In Feedburner’s Coffin | TechCrunch
Thomas Power "+447875695012 twitter @thomaspower" - Business Networking on Ecademy
A charity auction that comes highly 'Recommended' - Ecademy
Britain has the seventh largest electric bike market in Europe
William Buist - By Jingo it works! - Ecademy
At last, science explains the physics in "Call of Cthulhu"
Boardroom - London - Throgmorton Street EC2N 2BR - UK - East London
BioLite | Kropotkin Thinks | ... that riders don't need idiots to "defend" their honor for them
Interplanetary Cessna
Julian Bond - Business Networking on Ecademy
Twitter / Kisa:”This bin has a bin icon on it to...
Bike parking charges spreading to Camden
organic english wines
Posh punk: fashion turns the clock back to 1977
FixMyTransport: Report, view and resolve public transport problems
Cypriots #OccupyBufferZone
YouTube - Barcelona's Sagrada Familia receives a visit from Jorge Lorenzo
Occupy Wall Street's 'occucopter' – who's watching whom?
The Pirate Bay | Facebook
Click here to get Goldman Sachs to pay its tax!
Phaeleh - Losing You
Peace News
IdentityBlog - Digital Identity, Privacy, and the Internet's Missing Identity Layer
Slides: Climb the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs (#LeWeb Keynote, 2011) « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson
Lol Coxhill - A life in music
Review - Unknown - #001-#004
EPISODE 12: GENRE vs. ISM | Decks and the City | Decks and the City
Standon Calling 2012
The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | “If I Hit You, You'd Feel It”: Leslie Winer, Trip Hop's Forgotten Pioneer
Cottam - B side EP 2
The Guerilla Guide to Social Business
Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone | S.P.A.Z.
Q&A: The badger cull
Save Your Pint | Information on the campaign against the Beer Duty Escalator
retro politics and time warfare
The WELL: State of the World 2013: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky
Electronic Explorations
This bastardised libertarianism makes 'freedom' an instrument of oppression
Barack Obama faces pressure over TVShack extradition case
White Noise
Limits to Growth
My speech to the IAAC | Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent
Arctic sea ice graphs
Updated: London's Metropolitan Police Evaluating Zero Electric Motorcycles News Article //
The Megaupload Chilling Effects Hit
Gift Guide 2012 - Boing Boing
Political Prostitution
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - DjRUM
A Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs
The analog culture destroyed by digital culture does not come back | Beyond The Beyond |
Bloc.2012 / 6 + 7 July — home
ASC 'Equinoxe' Lost Sync Part 2 EP
2512 - Charlie's Diary
Dementing Augmented Reality: How Future Activists Will Break People Out Of Their Digital Trances | ACCELER8OR
The Quietus | Features | Ten Songs | Sharp Suits And Sparkle: Jonathan Meades On Acid, Space And Place
The Measures Taken: Future Ruins
Facebook’s EMEA Head Joanna Shields Is Leaving To Become CEO Of London’s Tech City ‘Silicon Valley’ Effort | TechCrunch
Hauntologists mine the past for music's future
Musica Globalista: 'You are Not a Switch' by Simon Reynolds | Beyond The Beyond |
+1 Plus One Extension - Chrome Web Store
Hard drive shipments recover from floods in Thailand, expected to reach record high
Someday all the Adults will Die!: Punk Graphics 1971-84
US calls Assange 'enemy of state'
Toshiba outs Canvio Slim portable drive: 500GB, $115 and just 9mm thick
The Quietus | News | Andy Williams Dies Aged 84
Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy, Belying Industry Image
The Dark Outside :: Radio Transmissions
The Measures Taken
Voices from The Lake
Nicki Minaj denies Mitt Romney endorsement
BrewDog UK | Scottish Craft Beer Company
The Varieties of Scientific Experience
The things that used to be - Charlie's Diary
Handmade Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate Gifts - Cocoa Loco Cocoa Loco - Crazy About Chocolate
Soup :: Ryder Notes: See Zed :: 08-26-2012
The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange
A Tiny Revolution: Understanding People By Understanding Politics
The Spanish Robin Hood
No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons (Re-reloaded) » Lateral Transfers
How rave music conquered America
Trend Toys & Gift Shop, IQ Toys, R/C Toys, DIY Toys | Brando Workshop
No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons (Re-reloaded) » Coincidence? You Decide!
From Psychedelic Magazine With A Tech Gloss To Tech Magazine With A Psychedelic Gloss (Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #23) | ACCELER8OR
2012 Election Year Comment Guidelines
EE Compilation
The A-Z of pop in 2012
Musings of a socialist Japanologist
TechCrunch | Why Facebook Is Folding On Credits And Doubling Down On Payments
Polysick: Digital Native – FACT magazine: music and art
raw week - Boing Boing
Going Buzz
Welcome! | Bank of Ideas
Joseph Romm: ‘Hug The Monster’: Why So Many Climate Scientists Have Stopped Downplaying the Climate Threat
Bubble 2.0 - Charlie's Diary
2012 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship in association with Pirelli
Without you, I am next to nothing: Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the curse of the fan-funded project – FACT magazine: music and art
Anti-cuts 'street parties' to rival Queen's diamond jubilee and Olympics
Synkro - Why Don't You
On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes Are Swarming
Google Campus | Campus
Electric Bicycle Sales to Hit 47 Million per Year by 2018, Report Finds
Xenomania: Nothing is Foreign in an Internet Age
Vagobond - World Travel, World Life
Lies, damned lies and personal tax statements
Minor Science: The Aggregator: February
French comics artist Moebius dies
Click here to save the NHS!
Bloc.2012 / 6 + 7 July — lineup
What will the #NHSbill do? I don't think you're worried enough. Read this, maybe write to your MP.
TruTek - Crossrhodes - Your Google+ powered blogging platform.
Rob Gordon - Google+ - Hi Buzz humans. How is everything going?
Handcrafted Scottish Gin — Caorunn Gin Scotland
Lecteur audio Myspace
Feed me Google+RSS
RA Podcast: RA.297 Synkro
TuneGlue° | Relationship Explorer
Cathy's House - 「Wonderful Life」
SOPA - Charlie's Diary
Megaupload Mega Song HD
MIND MELD: Current Politics In SF/F - SF Signal – A Speculative Fiction Blog
Are Drones Watching You? | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Feed me Google+
The WELL: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2012
Global unrest: how the revolution went viral
A video of Deadboy - Fireworks [Slo Mo House Edit]
10 Personal Branding Tips ~ LockerGnome
How to Be a Social Media Power Influencer (And Why!) - Forbes
'Frozen Planet' to debut on Discovery on March 18
He says, she says
John Doe - Google+
On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets:
goCarShare - Car Sharing Made Fun
New Statesman - Damn or fear it, the truth is that it’s an insurrection
Why CCTV has failed to deter criminals
Penny Red
Maybe Tomorrow: My new friend Sean Hunt, Violator of Community Standards
Has Rebekah Brooks Been Sacked Yet? Aggregation Is Invisible In Google+. Thank Goodness.
How TechHub is boosting London's startup scene - TNW UK
How I VERY nearly gave up running the Bristol Boardroom until ...
YouTube - Colin Edwards on stage at Silverstone 2011
YouTube - Guy Martin IOM TT 2011
individual8: #8,054
Ecademy seeks new CEO - Ecademy
Good Luck Glenn - MonthleNews May 2011 - Ecademy
Yvo Schaap