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Title: opmlDocs.opml
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 05:08:48 GMT
Author: Dave Winer
Email: dave at scripting.com

link Basic docs
link Editing the template
link Category router
Instant Outliner
link Basic docs
link OPML Coffee Mug
RSS Subscription lists
link Basic docs
link Bloglines and RSS Bandit
link SharpReader
Reading Lists
A reading list is an OPML document that contains a list of feeds. The NewsRiver aggregator, which runs as a Tool inside the OPML Editor, has been extended so that users can subscribe to reading lists. When the editor of a reading list adds a feed, subscribers to the list will automatically read that feed in every scan. Likewise, when a feed is removed, it will no longer be read in a scan. It's a way for readers to delegate the act of subscribing to experts in subjects they are interested in.
link NewsRiver 0.30 supports reading lists
link How to edit a reading list with the OPML Editor
link Guidelines for authoring reading lists
folder Globe & Mail
Lance Knobel
folder Economics
folder PubSub
Phil Torrone
folder MAKE Mag
folder Gadgets
folder HowTo
folder UK News
folder News podcasts
folder Original bloggers
link Map-A-Domain
link OPML Community Server Howto
link How to get your password emailed to you
link How to enclose a podcast with the OPML Editor blogging tool
link Linking from blog posts
link Import/export of subscription lists
link How to do a bug report
link wordPress.root
link newsRiver.root
link flickrRivr.root
link Dan MacTough's FTP upstreamer
link The Aggregator API
link Adding commands to the right-click menu
link Pinging, changes.xml
link Updates and show notes
link Two-way synchronizing
link It's an XML editor too
link Control-/ turns outliner into a command line
link Welcome message
link Matt Neuburg's Frontier book, originally published by O'Reilly
link UserLand website and scripting tutorials
link ScriptMeridian's Intro to the Object Database
link Serious First Steps in Frontier Scripting
link UserTalk Verbs by Category