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18 Nov 2012

Damn, this is some good stuff. Looking forward to "Relapse" due next week.

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Ultraísta is a pretty cool name for a band. Adding ísta to a word adds a frisson of danger, conjuring mental images of Che Guevara and other romanticised revolutionaries. Which means there's a word in here somewhere combining future(s), edges, hipsterism, "post", Modern and ísta that we can use to accentuate our smugness of knowing and seeing just a little more than the average joes. (grin!) So what are we, Modernístas? Futurístas?

Ultraísta - Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

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In Soviet Russia, Bass Drops You!


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17 Nov 2012

Cocktail of the week: The Sazerac

This week's cocktail is one I was introduced to last week (thanks Mark) but is one of the oldest cocktails in the book. It dates to 1859 when John Schiller christened it in his bar the Sazerac Coffee House. It's named after a Cognac popular then in New Orleans mixed with Peychaud bitters. There are three variations based on Cognac, Whiskey or as in this recipe from Dale deGroff a mix of the two.

If you haven't got any Peychaud bitters then get yourself given a present of the Bitter Truth Travel Pack and use the Creole Bitters.

Get two rocks glasses and put one in the freezer. In the other, splash of Absinthe, Pernod or Pastis; swirl and then pour away. Then assemble in the glass:-
Ice cubes
25ml Cognac
25ml Rye Whiskey
12ml Simple Syrup
2 dashes Peychaud (or Creole)
2 dashes Angostura (or Aromatic)
Stir with the ice cubes to dilute and chill to taste
Retrieve the other rocks glass from the freezer and strain the cocktail into it.
Garnish with a flamed lemon peel.

The finished cocktail should be clear, faintly pink and have no ice. Its for sipping. It's only really a double shot and a bit of liquid so the serving glass can be quite a small tumbler. It's got lots of old fashioned and complex flavours and makes a great change from the usual sweet and sour or spirit and vermouth.
Gerry's Wines & Spirits - At Gerry's You Can Buy Almost Any Drink Under The Sun!! »
Prices and product availability may vary in store. Home | Contact | · Website terms & conditions | Website privacy policy © 2008 - 2012 Gerrys - Wines & Spirits Website by S...

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16 Nov 2012

Counting down the time till the Mayan calendar rolls over into a new Aeon. 34 days to go.

And here's some appropriately retro-futurist music from 1972 Neu! to go with it. NEU! - Hallogallo
Countdown To Apocalypse - »
When will the World End? You can find the answer here.

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Another Google Plus to Atom/RSS service has turned up.

Discovered on the Google Issue tracker request

To go with my own PHP attempt.
A single file PHP script which serves public posts to a Google Plus account as an Atom feed.

Why, oh, why has Google still not provided this ?
pluss - Feed Proxy for Google+ »
pluss - Feed Proxy for Google+. Before pluss can proxy your Google+ public stream, you'll need to authenticate with Google. This process is done on Google's servers and does not reveal your Google aut...

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15 Nov 2012

This is genius. 10 minutes of BBC archive of people dancing set to two pieces of contrasting music to show the way the soundtrack alters our perceptions of the same images.

Found via

ps. Bring Back Retro-Futurism!
Online films, text and selected images from Adam Curtis, maker of The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self, The Mayfair Set, Pandora's Box, The Trap and The Living Dead.

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12 Nov 2012

Vote for Peace: And nobody gets hurt. 
Peace News »
Welcome to Peace News, the newspaper for the UK grassroots peace and justice movement. We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility. S...

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10 Nov 2012

This is. Interesting.

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Woah, Nelly. This is why I love SciFi. Because it''s practitioners ask questions like "Realistically. What do we think the world will look like in 500 years." Not 5 minutes, 500 years. 
2512 - Charlie's Diary »
Parameters: I'm going to assume no alien invasions or total collapses of technological civilization or significant asteroid impacts, because all three of these are rare in the historical record. I'm a...

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07 Nov 2012

So was the US election a net win for the world's economies?
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06 Nov 2012

My fellow Americans[1]. Vote early and vote often. And remember that John Dillinger died for your sins.

[1]In the sense that Americans are my fellows, rather than that I'm a fellow American.
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05 Nov 2012

No cigarettes for one year and one day[1]. Hooray! That's no cigarettes, no tobacco, no nicotine, no patches, no gum, no nothing. Feeling vaguely proud of myself for that.

If you're thinking of doing the same, you'll know when its time. And when it is, I recommend going cold turkey like this rather than trying to paper over the cracks with patches or any of the other non-smoking nicotine delivery systems. It will be hell for 3 days. Hard work for 6 weeks and then a life time of trying to forget all the habits you've built up. It gets easier.

[1] We need a name for a year and day. How about a Guinea-fowl?
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02 Nov 2012

Cocktail of the week: The Gin&It
Way back in the day, dry (french) Vermouth hadn't really made it to the USA, but the Gin was still pretty rough and needed covering up. So the earliest Martinez was a red vermouth and gin martini. Update this to the 21st century and what you have is a softer Manhatten[1].

40ml Gin (quality, tonight's is Sipsmith),
20ml Martini Rosso,
dash of orange bitters,
dash of Maraschino,
Shaken and poured into a cold martini glass
Fairly hefty orange twist, flamed if you can do it.

[1]Make a Manhatten as normal. Instead of the cherry, make it dirty by adding a healthy dollop of the brine water from a jar of olives and you've got "A Sandy". Boom-tish! Gotta love that Brit bad taste humour. If you're stuck in post-Sandy chaos, we feel for you, but hope you can still larf.
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01 Nov 2012

Love the 1968 reference. "Under the datafeed, the beach!" Only 2 months till the omega point when the novelty curve goes vertical and the Mayan Calendar rolls over into the next aeon.

Recombinant Commentary[1], I haz it. Here's some more slogans from the 1968 Situationist International to toss over the wall like a mind grenade.
Ne travaillez jamais. Sous les pavés, la plage. La Lutte Continue. 
Never work. Under the paving stones, the beach. The struggle continues. 

[1]Trying to look superficially deep by quoting from old stuff, but just ending up being deeply superficial[2].
[2]As used in a Grauniad review of Banksy[3]
[3]Like me, he should lurk moar.

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31 Oct 2012

Oh, yes. A recently discovered physics paper that explains H.P.Lovecraft in terms of non-euclidean space-time geometries.
At last, science explains the physics in "Call of Cthulhu" >>
By Annalee Newitz Benjamin K. Tippett has a theory. The University of New Brunswick mathematician believes that he's figured out what, exactly, those insane sailors saw that night in 1928 when they......

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30 Oct 2012

If you like Can's "Soon Over Babaluma", very early Massive Attack and perhaps K&D, you're going to love this. "The very definition of a hidden gem".

I love that music from 20 years ago can bubble up out of the aether after all this time.
The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | "If I Hit You, You'd Feel It": Leslie Winer, Trip Hop's Forgotten Pioneer >>
Some say that Leslie Winer aka © invented trip hop in 1990 with her album, Witch. Now she's back with a retrospective compilation and Wyndham Wallace meets the reclusive former supermodel. Main pictu...

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29 Oct 2012

Genius. One of my favourite critics interviewing one of my favourite critics. "Sharp Suits And Sparkle: Jonathan Meades On Acid, Space And Place" (by John Doran at The Quietus)
The Quietus | Features | Ten Songs | Sharp Suits And Sparkle: Jonathan Meades On Acid, Space And Place >>
John Doran plays ten songs to author, broadcaster and architectural critic Jonathan Meades in order to closer examine his unique perspective on life. All photographs courtesy of Martha Wailer

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While vaguely listening to some radio news, a sound byte stuck out for me about "tightening controls". Now it really doesn't matter exactly what controls, rules or regulations were being tightened or if somebody was calling for tighter controls. It just occured to me that we only ever hear about such things being tightened, never loosened. If our response to every (engineered) crisis is to "tighten" things we'll end up being ratcheted down into a straitjacket where we're not allowed to do anything.

Oh. Wait.

Everything not compulsory is forbidden.
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